Short of troops? Call the cavalry

Modern newspaper production systems are specifically designed for remote access. Broadband makes remote subbing as seamless as the office network. It's secure, efficient and technically straightforward. Don't tear your hair out when you're short-staffed. Just call the remote sub.

Using Quark XPress or Adobe InDesign in a small office set-up? That's fine, too. E-mail pages and I'll prepare them for press and send them back. We can do that in a digital world. Just call the remote sub.

You're laying out pages as well as subbing content. Once upon a time these jobs were split. What if you could do that now, if only for a day or so to shift some copy and get that magazine out? Just call the remote sub.

All publications contain content that simply requires spade work and an experienced eye. It is not sensitive or precious or tied to design. It just has to be edited. Call the remote sub.

Websites also need subbing. That involves content management systems. No problem, call the remote sub.